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ipv4 ipv6 planning for your isp datacenter enterprise

Network Engineer Expert level with over 15 years of experience

We have hands on experience for below vendors and technologies, but not limited to:

Cisco | Juniper | Mikrotik | Arista | Dell | PaloAlto | Sonicwall | Fiberstore | Sophos | Zyxel/Zywall | Quagga/Vyos | Fortinet/Fortigate | PFSense/OPNSense | Untangle | Unifi/Edgerouter/Edgeswitch/USG/Controller | Motorola/Cambium/PTP/PMP/Medusa | Aruba | Netonix | Cumulus | PRTG | Hyper-V | etc..


Linux: Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/Fedora:

-Fastnetmon | GOBGP 

-Cacti | Librenms 




-Routing Protocols: RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS VPNs.

-Switching Protocols: RSTP, MST, VTP, Private VLANs, HSRP, VRRP.

-VPN Protocols: L2TP, PPTP, S2S IPSec, GRE, OPENVPN, Wireguard.


-IPv6 Planning and Implementation







Cisco and Juniper Certifications:

-CCNP Enterprise







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