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Are you looking for support on Active Directory configuration?


Active Directory configured with best practices implementation

Active Directory, installed and configured with basic services that will provide core identity for your infrastructure and authentication for your users with best practices implementation.
In our experience here and out, we see various IT scenario. More or Less have a simple infrastructure with single domain controller.

Have a single point of Failure for a medium enterprise is not always a good idea, also if they have a solid Backup system. We suggest always 2 Domain controller, in replica, in separate host, separated location is better.
We can help you to consolidate your infrastructure and migrate/integrate a new domain controller in your infrastructure totally redudant.
Have a solid infrastrucuture can help you to not have a service downtime, and more service added.

 Are you looking for Microsoft Active Directory Professional who has tremendous skills and hands-on experience for your company? You are definitely in the right place. Let us exploit the opportunity by offering you something phenomenal.

We have more than 12+ YEARS of working experience in the field of Active Directory. Here is what you can expect from my GIG:


✅ Install Active Directory
✅ Domain, Forest, and Sites
✅ DNS and DHCP
✅ OUs, Users, and Groups
✅ Global Catalog and Functional Level
✅ Operation Masters (FSMO) and Migration
✅ Replication, NTFRS, DFSR, and SYSVOL
✅ Time Sync, Security, and Event Log
✅ Troubleshooting and Health Check
✅ Monitor, Backup, and Recovery
✅ Best Practice and Administration

WHY DO YOU GET SUPPORT FROM US? Because We truly concentrate on the following

✅ In-time DELIVERY

“We would love to clear your queries regarding this services. You can message me by saying that We will soon approach you or call us on +91 9849028683 or +91 9949600125”

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